Set of 30 solid resin cast blocks, arranged in 5 different sizes and colors: opaque white, opaque black, translucent aquamarine, opaque blood red and translucent saffron orange.

They can be combined in never ending layouts, as many as the imagination and balance allows, thus creating different structures and ambients.

The consecutive increasing sizes of the pieces connect our mind to mathematics, architecture, and art, improving constructivist learning, fostering intuition, emotional development, and spitirual stimulation, acting as private everyday totems.

POLYBLOCKS is thought as a decorative set, allowing its owner to display it according to each spiritual mood and state of mind. From single pieces perfectly tolled or scattered around, to more elaborated architectural structures.

POLYBLOCKS promotes peace and enery flow, helping us to concentrate in present time, leaving out stress.

POLYBLOCKS can also be used as visual merchandising showcase in jewelry or, custom made in bigger sizes as display for shoes, bags, and other store accesories.

This project has been developed for the jewelry store Le Voilà ( C/ Perez Galdós, Sevilla).



6 white blocks: 

6 aquamarine blocks: 

6 black blocks: 

6 red blocks: 

6 orange blocks: 

Material: solid resin cast blocks.

Lead time: 5 weeks.

PDF tear sheet.

Price: please enquire.

Designed & handcrafted by Antoñito y Manolín.

Photo: Antoñito y Manolín.

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