Bravé Étirée

Transforming jointed wood into 4 axis mechanical components of a modular higher superstructure, it has been our main motivation to develop these  series in response to space and lighting needs.

The four first pieces of the Bravé Series are just a starting point, exercises in what can be achieved through experimentation with heights, lengths and angles between nodular joints. The key here is to find a perfect balance of tensions between equidistant vertices of the structures.

Little modifications generate different volumes, where light and shade play “hide and seek”.

Polyedrical structure of brass and hand cut solid wood nodes. Three led light bars. And solid wood light bulb sockets.

Three light bulbs, hollow diamond structure. S14d led lightbulb sockets. Hand polished brass, hand cut wooden nodes and light bulb sockets, black clothed braided electric wire (1 meter). 3 linestra led lightbulbs included.
Dimensions: 37 x 35 x 110 cm.
Lead time: four weeks.

PDF tear sheet.

Price: enquire here.

Designed & handcrafted by Antoñito y Manolín.

Photo: Miguel Jiménez, Trevor Patt.

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