We developed this magazine holder to celebrate the first anniversary of Maasai (2016), a cultural printed and web magazine focused on showcasing the cultural and underground artistic scene of the Andalusian capital city.

Taking the Maasai Universe as our starting point, but avoiding topics arising from folklore and etnical aesthetics, we dived to greater depth, down to a primal layer: Back to an ancient era where the very first land vertebrates ruled the surface of the Dark Continent. The primitive realm of preys and predators, of blood and flesh devoured to the bones, silent carcases, bleached under a sun that never sets. Life and death roughly woven in an endless yarn.

Hand made in red pine solid wood (from sustainably managed national forests). Carefully selected, hand cut, planed, carved and assembled in our workshop. Gold leaf hand finished by local craftsman’s shop  “La Colorería de Sevilla”, using traditional methods. The acid and varnishes used to fix gold to the wooden structure act on this living material, giving it a unique patina.

The result is an sculptural organic work of art, of monumental semblance and decadent elegance.

The processes involved in the creation of this piece are completely hand crafted. Each piece is numbered out of a 20 units limited edition.

Brutalism and apparent simplicity features this monumental minimalistic piece of decadent elegance. Hand carved solid wood carcass, covered in gold leaf.

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